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The Club for Exchange Sport Dancing Video


We are looking for full-length dance videos in digital form on CDs with good quality (DVD-Rip, TV-Rip, VHS-Rip):
Ballroom Dancing - Standart/Latina, Tango Argentino, Rock&Roll, Salsa, Mambo, Flamenco, Tap-dance etc.; Seminars, Show with Dances, simply interesting Sport Shows, Films about Dances and with Dances, Learning Materials for Dances.

If You have interesting video on cd, which we not have, or those, which we already have but with better quality, please contact us.

_______________________________________________________                                      All rigth belong to their copyright owner ! All videos are only for individual look ! After You have a look through the video, You have to delete a record from Your computer and if You like it, You should buy them !



Last Update: 11.03.2003