Фитнес-программа «Делай тело!»

Наша фитнес-программа предназначена для всех, кто хочет подтянуть свое тело, укрепить основные группы мышц, сбросить пару лишних килограммов, разработать и привести в норму «труднодоступные места». Наш опытный тренер не только расскажет, что вам нужно делать, но и объяснит, как правильно это сделать.

                                      Курс включает в себя:


аэробную нагрузку

работу над основными группами мышц ног, рук, спины, пресса, бедер, ягодиц

растяжку мышц

основные аспекты правильного дыхания

консультации по питанию

Наш фитнес способен сформировать красивую и подтянутую фигуру, укрепить дыхательную систему, улучшить осанку, развить силу и выносливость.

Лишним сантиметрам скажем «Нет!»

Вторник, четверг - 09.00

Стоимость абонемента: 2 раза в неделю - 450 000. Разовое занятие - 75 000 р.

Могилевская 39 а. (Метро Пл. Ленина, Институт Культуры)

Ждем вас в школе танцев "Ishtar"!

Телефон для записи: +37529 5267381

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Furne One leads the pack of master couturiers at Bride Abu Dhabi

From cake and centrepieces to haute couture, the capital’s biggest wedding show returns to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre on Wednesday, bringing together under one roof everything a bride-to-be could need, including florists, caterers, event planners, photographers and, of course, ­designers.

Leading the fashion pack is Dubai-based master ­couturier Furne One, who will send exquisite wedding gowns from his Amato label down the catwalk.

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-2-b0-Women+Clothing.html" title="girls party dresses">girls party dresses</a>

Established in 2000, and meaning “beloved" in Italian, Amato by Furne One ranks among the UAE’s most respected home-grown couture houses. Best known for his sculptural gowns and avant-garde creations, One was quick to break through the style ceiling and his pieces have been worn by the likes of Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry, to name a few.

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-2-b0-Women+Clothing.html" title="long evening dresses">long evening dresses</a>

“My creativity is inspired by my mother and my grandmother’s quintessential style," says One. “I have always tried to create exquisite and ethereal design tempered with a silent strength. My ­collections aren’t for faint-­hearted women, but ones who are comfortable in their own skin. Their ensembles are but foils to reflect their inner personas."

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-1-b0-Wedding+Apparel.html" title="cheap bridesmaid dresses">cheap bridesmaid dresses</a>

Evening wear couture aside, much of One’s time is dedicated to realising the wedding dress dreams of high-net-worth clients from Europe, and in particular Russia. Royal brides-to-be from the GCC are also loyal patrons of his dresses which run the gamut from fairytale ballgowns to ­modern-day Mata Hari separates – ethereal, enchanting and highly individual.

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-2-b0-Women+Clothing.html" title="dresses for prom">dresses for prom</a>

Amato recalls the most elaborate gown he created was for a wedding in Saudi Arabia. “We used real stones – hundreds of real diamonds and pearls – to decorate the gown. It took two months to finish and around thirty people worked on it. The dress was traditional in its silhouette– very princess-like and off-the-shoulder."

With the Amato atelier having grown organically in its fourteen years of operation, One now employs a team of around 50 artisans and works with almost 100 industry experts to ensure the smooth running of his couture empire. Wedding gown creation is a busy business that sees clients spending a minimum of Dh50,000 on a single gown and plenty more ­besides.

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-1-b0-Wedding+Apparel.html" title="long prom dresses">long prom dresses</a>

“Ladies will also often need dresses for the days before and after the wedding." says One. “Traditions vary between nationalities but many order ‘new clothes’ for their ‘new lives’. They may want outfits for henna parties or ‘thank you’ cocktail parties, for example. Many request very traditional outfits for these, while others simply want party dresses."

As for current trends, One says this again depends greatly on where his bride’s come from, but classic lines tend to endure.

“A lot of brides are looking for very simple, very romantic styles of wedding dress. They also want it to have a vintage look." he says “The silhouettes tend to be very Cinderella – with a lot of tulle and French lace. With locals, they want very modern wedding gowns and they love texture. But above all, the dresses must be lightweight, not at all heavy and very easy to wear. Colour-wise, for mother’s of the bride and the family, ladies are loving deep colours like oxblood and maroon at the moment."

<a href="http://www.yolobaba.com/category-2-b0-Women+Clothing.html" title="women's clothing">women's clothing</a>

Should newly-engaged pop star Kylie Minogue commission Amato to sketch her gown for her upcoming nuptials, the designer has a specific style in mind for the diminutive entertainer.

“I’d create something very romantic, a sensual silhouette." he says “Kylie’s dress should be definitely be long – not cocktail – and it would be backless. As for the colour, perhaps it should be ecru."